6 Reasons To Take Your Trades Business Digital

Published on

June 21, 2024

Reason 1: Paper costs more than you think

Many smaller construction firms still rely on paper-based processes, often because they don’t have a dedicated IT team or budget. There are a number of costs to this approach though.

The first is obvious: printing. The ink and hardware used to print large construction plans isn’t cheap, and neither is the wasted time and labour that goes into it. It all eats away at your bottom line.

Miscommunication is also more likely with paper. How many times have you tried to decipher an illegible comment on a paper plan? How often have you had to circulate multiple versions of a document and carry them from location to location? A paper process comes with more potential for errors. And errors can be extremely expensive to fix.

Reason 2: New tech models benefit SME and SMBs

Construction tech is rapidly becoming more affordable and more accessible. Software companies want to do everything they can to get their products in users’ hands and this often means free trials or cheap ways to test out a service before buying.

Ongoing costs for digital tools are also continuing to drop as the industry transitions towards monthly subscription models for software – which are easy to upgrade, adjust or switch out of, not to mention 100% tax deductible.

Reason 3: Better efficiency helps you stay profitable

Using the right digital tools in the right places will boost the overall efficiency of your company. This lets you do more with less – especially important for smaller companies who may not have as many resources at their disposal.

It also helps answer the bigger issues our industry is facing, like a skilled worker shortage and increasing material costs. Reducing your overhead costs makes the road to profitability easier on each project and helps you stay competitive even when times are tough.

Reason 4: Enjoy improved communication and collaboration

Not only do reviews and sign-offs become easier when crew don’t have to be in the same room but also lugging reams of paper to wherever they need to go becomes a thing of the past.

By taking previously manual markups and rendering them in a clean, clear digital environment, confusion over comments and changes is much less likely. Plus, you have a precise digital record of who said what when, as well as a clear timeline of updates and amends.

But the biggest benefit has to be the single source of truth for all your teams and workers. By digitally collaborating on the same document, there’s no risk of multiple versions being circulated, and your team and stakeholders always know that what they’re looking at is up to date.

Reason 5: Access your documents anytime, anywhere

Construction workers are constantly travelling between the office and the jobsite, or from one site to another. If you work on paper, that either means taking all your documents with you or going without access to them while you’re away.

But with digital tools, your crucial documents are available from anywhere, on practically any device you have handy. We know we’d rather take a tablet or smartphone around with us than transport a filing cabinet’s worth of documents in the back of the truck. And it means that no matter where the rest of your team are, you can all work on the same version of any document.

Reason 6: It’s more secure, and sustainable

With its multiple layers of security, online storage is safer than keeping your documents in the warehouse or back office. Plus, anything you store online is backed up by default, meaning your documents can never be accidentally lost or destroyed.

The other benefit? A win for the planet. The construction industry is committed to reaching net zero and going digital helps you be part of that. It’s a powerful but simple way to drastically reduce your carbon footprint and meet your sustainability goals.

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