CrewTraka Launches in the US

CrewTraka Available in the US


CrewTraka project management app hits US

To survive in today’s marketplace, and provide meaningful solutions to construction’s challenges, contractors need to embrace digital transformation.

Building, by nature, is a physical and collaborative action. The building process has continued to evolve, improved by technological advances in safety, modern machinery and resource management. However, the back-of-house portion of construction has not received the same attention. It is time the construction industry invested in the behind-the-scenes processes of construction, bringing in new digital solutions.

With CrewTraka you can manage scheduling, timesheets, safety, equipment, sharing project docs, budgeting, quotes, and regular client communications, all in one single platform is now available across the US of A.

Utilize CrewTraka to Schedule your team in minutes, sending through all the information crew need to get the job done. Lead any size crew across multiple projects or job sites via our easy-to-use dashboard. See how you can streamline your daily work with CrewTraka with a free trail or organize a free 20 minute demo with one of our friendly team.

Get systems that improve communication allowing your teams to get on with the job, reduce incidents, and minimize mistakes.

The Team

Both office and field workers are ready for changes that will make jobs easier and are willing to take on new digital tools to improve their workflows — 95% of field workers say they’d be willing to use tools that combine or streamline parts of their work.

The Best Digital Solutions are Often the Simplest

Studies have revealed that the construction industry’s relationship with digital solutions is lukewarm at best. There are countless applications that many want a digital tool for; 22% of office workers want a digital solution to better manage workflows, and 18% of field workers want a digital solution for sourcing projects.

However, perhaps the most important application of digital transformation is the simplest: a solution to construction’s interconnectivity and communication problems. To successfully complete a project, multiple companies must work together — the industry needs a way to form strong connections, and it needs a tool to get it there. Many companies report a splintered approach to communication, even internally; 34% of field-level respondents say their company has implemented digital efforts, but different teams or departments are using different solutions.

CrewTraka offer simple to use and implement digital tools that not only reduce admin time by around 13hrs a week, but save on paper and are better for the environment.

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