Review: Digital Power Tools in 2022 - Xero & CrewTraka

Review: Digital Power Tools in 2022 - Xero & CrewTraka

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In 2021 more Australian trades and service-based businesses are embracing digital tools that allow them to streamline and optimise their operations. This trend is set to continue in 2022.

In an often-challenging environment that now includes the struggles of COVID. For many companies, especially those running crews of 6 to 60, it has been the nudge they needed to get out of their comfort zone, embrace change, and discover how tools like Xero and CrewTraka can not only change the way they do business but vastly improve it.

Smart business owners have always been open to using new tools to make their jobs easier or more time-efficient. Having a digital tool to manage things like scheduling, tracking hours or safety docs is not the issue for most, but rather the investment in time it takes to research, implement, and then educate their already busy workforce.

This is where platforms like Xero and CrewTraka are ahead of the game. Both continue to invest in smart, easy-to-use systems that trades, and service-based businesses can implement in short time frames and get back to doing what it is they do best. Having free, accessible support available 24/7 is also a huge advantage.

Data extracted from 1300+ trades businesses over the last 12 months, has identified that the two main issues when implementing new digital tools into a business was first and foremost the lack of direct service and support. Secondly, the platforms that offer too much then under deliver. It only takes one attempt to implement the wrong system to make you think twice about trying again, especially when you are busy and time poor.

No doubt... it’s hard work running a construction or trade business, but these changes don’t need to be. Xero simplifies your finances letting you manage your business from anywhere. Get an up to date view of the numbers while you’re on the move with simple accounting software. Use it from your office, truck, or the building site and keep your cash flow healthy and, when it comes to your crew, take the stress out of paying them with Xero Payroll. Put simply, it works.

For a complete solution, check out CrewTraka. CrewTraka was developed right here in Australia and is 100% Aussie supported too. A Xero Connected App, CrewTraka is by far the best scheduling tool on the market. CrewTraka helps you manage crew records, overtime, leave, equipment, and safety docs... all from their industry leading App available for iOS and Android devices.

CrewTraka has plenty of ‘oomph’ when it comes to time tracking, with options to suit any business.

Their self-developed ‘TimeTraka’, a timeclock complete with Geo-Fence along with digital daycards is just the beginning. Need to apply loading to certain times of day? Set RDO’s or use an EBA calendar? Yes, they do that too.

While CrewTraka is not an accounting platform (they leave that to Xero), they are fully integrated and have some very clever tools when it comes to managing your projects. From project expenses, a claims log, and a project budgeting tool, CrewTraka knows who they are, what they can do, and their focus is on doing those things well.

If you are looking to get a digital boost in 2021/22, head to or visit for more information.