Procore + CrewTraka

CrewTraka and Procore combine to make tracking, sharing and planning around your project data even easier.

Procore + CrewTraka. Too easy.

Now you can seamlessly integrate your crew & project data for use within your Procore platform removing manual data entry and eliminating human error.

Using CrewTraka with Procore you can share:
Project information, safety.

Direct from the CrewTraka App... all data is automatically sent through to your Procore Account ready for processing or planning. Perfect!

Connecting to Procore

1. Click the settings icon on the top right sections and go to Procore integrations
2. Click connect
3. If you're already not logged in, you'll be asked to log in to the application.
4. After signing in, you'll be redirected to CrewTraka's Procore setup page.
5. Choose the Procore company you want to link and click Next.
6. In the next page, link your projects with the projects in Procore.

To Disconnect:
Click the settings icon on the top right sections
and go to Procore integrations and click disconnect.

Need help? We have friendly staff that can help if you get stuck.
There are also some helpful videos on our Instructions page.

Create a New Project

How to create a new project in Crewtraka from your Procore Project:

1. Go to the Projects page in CrewTraka and click +PROCORE.
2. Choose the Procore project for which you want
to create a project in Crewtraka.
3. Change the prefilled data in the fields and create your projects. It will be linked with the Procore automatically.

About Procore

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