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Ability to Add Custom Allowances

Add Custom Allowances and have them sent over in timesheets to XERO or MYOB

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Report using Hours or Costs

Reporting Update for both Crew or Projects to display as either Hours or $ Cost

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Hide Accrued and Sick leave for Subbies/Casuals

Hide Accrued and Sick leave for Subbies/Casuals in the App

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Major Update for Timesheets, Daycards and Overtime

New features around the 'Pending', 'Approved' and 'Rejected timesheets and overtime.

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iOS and Android App update to version 23.50.6

Managers can now do walk-throughs, identify defects and assign them to the responsible party.

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Budget Updates

We have extended out an 'Inc GST' line to make it easier to identify your GST inclusion.

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Defects Log added to the Dashboard

Manage job defects (as collected via the app) directly from the dashboard.

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Add a Credit Back to a Project

Need to credit back costs or unused expenses, not a problem.

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